iKanami LIVE iBlessphotographyWe recently expanded to a new service  that we strongly believe will give great benefits to each of our clients.  iKanami LIVE a  simultaneous, multi-camera LIVE video broadcasting production will cater any events from weddings, grand openings, product and service launching, competitions, sports, conferences and corporate.

Oftentimes not all of our families, friends, colleagues and associates are able to travel to attend the event and would thus normally miss out.

iKanami LIVE is equipped to provide simultaneous multi-camera, live video streaming, so they can see a professional quality live broadcast of the event, as it happens, anywhere they are across the world, online!

Obviously this is much, much more than just hiring a videographer.


The i of iBlessphotography and iKanami LIVE is a very short and the simplest way of putting and connecting the meaning of many beautiful and positive attributes that start with “i”.  That we believe, we embrace and strive to live and act personally and most especially professionally in the field of film and photography;

Inspiring, imaginative, full of initiative, inventive, impressive, idyllic, intuitive, interesting, inviting,  innovative, informative, insightful, intellectual, ignitedly irresistible, ideal, invaluable, inexpensive and  “IN”. And Kanami is derived from one of the local dialects in the Philippines that can mean (beautiful, nice, pleasing, appealing, worthwhile… ) Personally, it honestly brings a warm feeling when I hear it  expressed. ” Ay, kanami!” an expression of delight.

15 years in the field of photography providing professional and creative assets and we will keep updating  to make our clients more than satisfied.

Now headquartered in England, with a continued focus on Dubai, UAE for special and / or commissioned projects for photography, film and LIVE broadcasting production.  Other international opportunities also seriously considered.


Warmest regards,

Bless Afable  (LinkedIn Profile) Owner and Creative Director

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