The i of iBlessphotography is a very short and the simplest way of putting and connecting the meaning of many beautiful and positive attributes that start with “i”.  That we believe, we embrace and strive to live and act personally and most especially professionally in the field of film and photography;

Inspiring, imaginative, full of initiative, inventive, impressive, idyllic, intuitive, interesting, inviting,  innovative, informative, insightful, intellectual, ignitedly irresistible, ideal, invaluable, inexpensive and  “IN”.

We love to travel and mostly take the less traveled path to get and feel a differing perspective from the rest.iBlessphotography Travels


The Product:

Providing professional photographic services for more than twelve years, including six years in Dubai, working in e-commerce, portraiture, advertising, marriage / anniversary / newborn, interior design / architecture, aerial / real estate, conference / event and marketing. Now headquartered in England, with a continued focus on Dubai, UAE for special and / or commissioned projects.  Other international opportunities also seriously considered.

Assets that take your advertising and marketing business to a whole new level!

iBlessphotography Travel

The Vision:

Incorporating artistic assertiveness with excellence in equipment and technique

Working both professionally and artistically in photography and enlarging the focus on filming.  To capture true emotions, preserve ‘the magic’, inspire and uplift, after observation and waiting for the right moment, to provide a unique perspective – satisfaction guaranteed, whatever your personal or business needs may be!

iblessphotography team

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