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Photography and now we can provide a  Multi- camera LIVE Video Broadcasting Production for any of your special events!


DSC_0020 copyiBlessphotography event Jul B. Dizon Shangri La _1Jul B. Dizon Event at Shangri-La

Manila Polo Club 100 Years


University of Santo Thomas Christmas Gala NightiBlessphotography event UST Gala Night

iBlessphotography event UST Gala Night_1iBlessphotography event UST Gala Night_5iBlessphotography event UST Gala Night_7

Armida Siguion-Reyna Birthday

iBlessphotography event_6iBlessphotography event_4

iBlessphotography event Jewelmer

Jewelmer in GreenBelt

iBlessphotography event Jewelmer_7iBlessphotography event Jewelmer_3


iBlessphotography event Leonardo Salinas_11

iBlessphotography event Leonardo Salinas_9

BELOiBlessphotography event Belo _5

iBlessphotography event Belo _3iBlessphotography event Belo _1

iBlessphotography event Belo _6iBlessphotography event Belo _8

Mandarin Oriental Christmas Lighting

iBlessphotography event Mandarin Manila Christmas Lighting_2iBlessphotography event Mandarin Manila Christmas Lighting_5iBlessphotography event Mandarin Manila Christmas Lighting

Manila Peninsula

iBlessphotography event Wine Manila PeninsulaiBlessphotography event Wine Manila Peninsula_7iBlessphotography event Wine Manila Peninsula_6


Rustan's Fashion Show5th_134 copyLoren Legarda Rustan's Fashion Show

Johnny Litton Bellevue Alabang
Johnny LittoniBlessphotography event Johnny Litton Bellevue Alabang_6iBlessphotography event Johnny Litton Bellevue AlabangiBlessphotography event Johnny Litton Bellevue Alabang_4

Etihad Launching

Vicky Zubiri in Watercolor Manila Peninsula
Vicky Zubiri Water Color Exhibit Opening

La Escolta Manila PeninsulaLE_76 copyiBlessphotography event La Escolta Manila Peninsula

SLIM Salvacion Lim Higgins National Museum of the Philippines

HeartPhilippine Haute Couture SLIMPhilippine Haute Couture SLIMPhilippine Haute Couture SLIM


Flamboyant outfit / Tessa Rufino Prieto-Valdes

National Museum

Jerry Sibal

BPInoy Awards Night

Bvlgari Serpenti Press Launch

CCP Anniversary Imelda Marcos

iBlessphotography event CCP Imelda Marcos_4

iBlessphotography event CCP Imelda Marcos_6iBlessphotography event CCP Imelda Marcos_3iBlessphotography event CCP Imelda Marcos_1iBlessphotography event CCP Imelda Marcos_8

Imelda Marcos



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