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My career includes long years in the field of photography but even before then in college I was sent to inter-university competitions in photojournalism (and did won some major prizes) and aside from that, I assisted taking photos of weddings from time to time to earn extra money to help me with my schooling (as Fine Arts major in Advertising) and that was in my teenage years. Then after college I assisted prime photographers in the big city doing fashion, celebrity, product and lifestyle photography for magazines and advertising. From those experiences I was able to apply and get hired as a photographer in one of the biggest cruise ship companies in the world and traveled abroad. A few years later, I secured myself a land-based job in Dubai as an in-house photographer for one of the high-end household and furniture retail companies in the region doing Product and Interior photography also doing weddings, events and family portraits on the side.

And now I am here in England, UK continuing this saga but this time also doing videography and open to any project locally or abroad.

As an assistant to the photographer I helped set up the lighting and I always stood in as a mock-up model to make sure that by the time the subject (model/celebrity) was actually there, only very minor adjustments would be needed. As you can see, I loved that rim of lights around me.
Cruise ship life. M/S Legend Carnival Sun Deck, with Freddy. New York City Port
Part of a photo Team in our formal evening attire. Somewhere in the middle of the sea in Caribbean.
Part of the job is to be a lady pirate….”grrrhhhh!”
Belize Port, Central America
Group of youth after approaching me to have a picture with them in my backdrop/photo section…last evening of the cruise back to Miami…fun time!

When not doing filming (photo/video) I love to indulge myself making floor plans, interior and rendering perspective. Also, when strongly inspired I conceptualise compositions to painting. I get a good thrill flying drones and travelling.

One of my home sweet home…Dubai.
Part of my job as photographer was styling product shots for Q-Home Landmark Group, Dubai
And when appropriate I find time to goof around with my subjects 🙂 Sun glasses and other accessories for e-commerce page photo shoot.
Studio Photoshoot working with model and stylist.
Engagement Photo shoot

Santorini, Greece

One of my work…
another one…
and yes my own portrait.
Tintagel, Cornwall England
Music Video Shoot, London UK

For any Photography and Videography inquiries or bookings kindly contact me here directly:

Mobile: +44 7701 330377 (England, United Kingdom) WhatsApp will do, too.

Email: Blessedcity@yahoo.com


Bless Afable

iKanami LIVE Video Broadcasting

iKanami LIVE a innovative simultaneous, multi-camera LIVE video broadcasting production will cater any events from weddings, grand openings, school graduations,  product and service launching, competitions, sports, conferences and corporate.

Oftentimes not all of our families, friends, colleagues and associates are able to travel to attend the event and would thus normally miss out. We are equipped to provide simultaneous multi-camera and mostly wireless, in different angles live video streaming, so they can see a professional quality live broadcast of the event, as it happens, anywhere they are across the world, online!

We will also provide a copy of the digital recording.

Obviously this is much, much more than just  videography service.

live stream wedding UKUK live stream graduation eventlive stream event _3London wedding live stream eventUK live stream eventlive stream event

Wedding PHOTO/VIDEO & Livestream Services


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Scarborough, England / Raven Hall Hotel

Cardiff, Wales/London Temple/Ouse Valley Viaduct, England

Polhawn Fort, Cornwall, UK

London, England

Dubai, UAE

Liverpool, England/ Thornton Hough

Stadhampton Oxford, England/ Crazy Bear

Dubai, UAE

West Sussex, England/Roffey Church

West Sussex England

Quadra Dubai, UAE




Kim & Jack Wedding iBlessphotography_89Kim & Jack Wedding iBlessphotography_67Cremony After (63)Kim & Jack Wedding iBlessphotography_44a prep (66)Cremony After (53)Kim & Jack Wedding iBlessphotography_246arrival ia (1)
iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_43iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_35

iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_7

iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_10iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_2iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_4iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_36iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_3iBless Wedding iBlessphotography_37London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_2London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_6London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_4London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_3

London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_8London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_9London Wedding Photographer iBlessphotography com_7

iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_158iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_11iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_141iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_114iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_43

iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_64iBlessphotography Kirstie and Michael Wedding_26

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Wedding- UK- London-photographer-London videographer-DUBAI-iblessphotography- photographer-UK-London-Dubai (3)Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_53 copyWedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_51 copyWedding iBlessphotography_34Wedding iBlessphotography_32DSC_0179 copyDSC_0310 copyiblessphotography_149iblessphotography_148Wedding iBlessphotography_33Wedding iBlessphotography_53Wedding iBlessphotography_46Wedding iBlessphotography_29Wedding iBlessphotography_44Wedding iBlessphotography_47iblessphotography_180Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_25 copy

UK Wedding Videographer

UK Wedding VideographerWedding iBlessphotography_41Wedding iBlessphotography_40

Wedding iBlessphotography_42Wedding iBlessphotography_43Wedding iBlessphotography_38

UK Wedding Videographer

aaaaaWest Sussex Weddings iBlessphotography comWest Sussex Weddings iBlessphotography com_1

New York Wedding Videographer iBlessphotography

Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_9 copyWedding- UK- London-photographer-London videographer-DUBAI-iblessphotography- photographer-UK-London-Dubai (2)

Wedding-video and Photography-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (60)


UK Wedding Videographer iBlessphotography


Indian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (5) copyLondon Indian Wedding Photographer-Asian Wedding-iblessphotography (4) copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (7) copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (19) copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (15) copyiblessphotography_90iblessphotography_83iblessphotography_89

Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_60 copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (3) copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (10) copy

Indian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (11) copyIndian-Wedding-London-UK-London Wedding Photographer- iblessphotography (6) copyiBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_5iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_7iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_9iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_1iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_11iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_3iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_15iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_8Wedding iBlessphotography_62iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_14FunWedding iBlessphotography_60Wedding iBlessphotography_63Wedding iBlessphotography_61iBlessphotography com Bohemian Wedding_12

iblessphotography beach weddinginternational wedding krakow polandUK Videographer iBlessphotographyDSC_0222 copyiblessphotography_47Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_16 copyWedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_20 copyiBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_4

UK Videographer iBlessphotographyiblessphotography_34

UK Wedding Videographer iBlessphotographyUK Wedding Videographer iBlessphotographyUK Wedding Videographer iBlessphotographyDSC_0073OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAiblessphotography_41

Budapest Wedding66UK Wedding Videographer iBlessphotographyInternational Photographer iblessphotographyBudapest Hungary WeddingBudapest Wedding (1)International Photographermeliblessphotography_42iblessphotography_36iblessphotography_16





Dubai Wedding Photographer 1International Wedding Photographer

Weddinng-Destination--Photographer-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_19 copy

Wedding-UK-Dubai-Paris-London Wedding-iBlessphotography_14 copyiBlessphotographyiBlessphotography_20iBlessphotography_1iBlessphotography_15

iBlessphotography_12iBlessphotography_3SBSB3SB4SB7SB0SB1Wedding iBlessphotography_55Wedding iBlessphotography_58iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_149Bob and Sheen_3iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_17iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_16iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_11

iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_124iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_138
iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_12iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_17iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_125iBlessphotography UK Wedding Bob and Sheen_119iBless Wedding FBiBless Wedding   Facebook page