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Asia, Middle East, Europe , United States… Wedding Photography.

In a few years this will pass. What will remain to immortalise those beautiful, moving, priceless memories, and even just those simple moments, are the photos.
To capture true emotions in wedding events is very important and fulfilling not only to the photographer but most importantly to the bride and groom. That’s why it is very important to choose the right photographer to be a part of and document one of the most important occasions in life: the wedding day! Considering the inclusive approach – taking photos professionally, creatively and passionately, a photographer that is not only into photography technically but also passionately, becomes involved in the event and is constantly seeking to feel, really see and capture that special day, no matter how small or big the wedding event is.
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iblessphotography miami wedding

DSC_0222 copyDubai International Wedding PhotographerBudapest Wedding (1)DSC_0366 copy

Dubai Wedding Photographer

Wedding bouqueti


wedding cakeInternational Wedding Photographer8Ewa

DSC_0147International Wedding PhotographerSB5

DSC_0099international wedding krakow poland
Budapest Wedding

Budapest Wedding 1
cDSC_0073 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA FunDubai Wedding Photographer7


iblessphotography beach weddingInternational Wedding Photographer121

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA International Wedding Photographer21